s/s Mariefred

Experience a voyage over beautiful Lake Mälaren with a steamship dating back to the start of the last century; a unique and exotic trip aboard a coal-fired steamship which still today runs a regular service. Few towns and regions in the world have something similar to offer. Its final destination is Mariefred with its historic and famous Gripsholm Castle.
S/S Mariefred started to serve these waters back in 1903 along the sea route Stockholm–Enhörna–Mariefred. Since then, she has served these waters under the same name, with few changes on board and still using the same steam engine from those early days. In addition, the same shipping company, Gripsholms-Mariefreds Ångfartygs AB has been running since 1905, and is the oldest shipping company operating on Lake Mälaren and the Stockholm archipelago.

A journey on board s/s Mariefred takes you from Stockholm to Mariefred with its impressive Gripsholm Castle – built during Gustav Vasa’s era but with its roots from the time of Bo Jonsson Grips from the late 14th century. Mariefred is an idyllic small town located on an inlet on Lake Mälaren in the county of Sörmland. The town is also home to a narrow-gauge heritage railway, Östra Södermanland’s Railway, which is still today used by a steam locomotive. During weekends, s/s Mariefred also calls at Taxinge-Näsby – the location of Taxinge manor, with a long history and today most recognised for having Northern Europe’s largest cake display with cakes, pastries, biscuits and sandwiches.

S/S Mariefred’s season starts at the end of May and runs until the middle of September. At the start and end of each season, the steamship only runs on weekends; Saturdays & Sundays. For ten weeks in the summer – June, July and August – she serves the route Stockholm-Enhörna-Mariefred on a daily basis, with the exception of Mondays. S/S Mariefred also runs between Mariefred and Taxinge-Näsby on Saturdays and Sundays during the whole season.
In addition to its regular service, the steamship can also be chartered on Lake Mälaren and the Stockholm archipelago, a service which has seen increased demand over recent years. The charter price is calculated per hour with a minimum rental period of 4 hours calculated from and to the steamship’s regular berth at Klara Mälarstrand (by Stadshusbron) in Stockholm.