Dining room and cafeteria

There are usually three sittings served in the dining room during the Stockholm–Mariefred journey: one lunch sitting on the journey out which starts at 12:00, and two sittings on the return journey – one starting when the boat sets off from Mariefred at 16:30 and a second sitting half way to Stockholm at 18:15. The dining room is intimate and cannot serve more than 30 guests per sitting. Service is limited and the menu is therefore adapted to suit the space on board and the tradition of serving ‘mälarångare’ – classic dishes from the Mälaren steamers such as ‘steamship steak’ (steak with onion) or salmon. A few other hot dishes, one starter and one dessert are also on the menu. The kitchen can also offer a vegetarian dish. When booking your table please state if you would like a vegetarian dish so that our cook can prepare accordingly.
Please book your table in advance here to guarantee a table at a sitting, preferably at least two days before travel.
Travellers who have not booked a table in advance can only be given a table subject to availability at the start of each sitting.

There is also a cafeteria on board located at the front of the middle deck. Here you can buy coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, wine and also sandwiches, pastries and sweets. The cafeteria is open during the whole journey Stockholm–Mariefred–Stockholm, as well as Mariefred–Taxinge-Näsby–Mariefred.